I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it.

I came across one of the most outrageously priced vehicles on a local buy and sell Facebook page that had garnered nothing but laugh reactions and hilarious comments. So here you go, guys. If you're in the market for a total POS of a vehicle, you may want to check around for this 1995 Lexus SC 400 Sport, listed for the low, low price of *checks notes* $4,000.


Did I mention it only has a little over 250,000 miles on it? Quite the bargain!

Unfortunately, as I was writing this, I checked back to find that the listing has since been removed from the page, which totally sucks because I really wanted to share the comments with you. I imagine it was probably taken down by an admin that realized just how totally nuts it was to ask that kind of money for a junker like that. It even has a flat tire on the front passenger's side. So much for trying to spruce it up for the photos.

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There are a number of crazy things for sale on those local pages, and sometimes they really make you scratch your head. This is just one of many examples like that one. Don't fall for garbage deals like this. Kelley Blue Book estimates the value of this vehicle, in fair condition (this one doesn't even run), would be somewhere between $150 and $1,562.

This local seller is wayyyyyy off. Holy smokes! You just can't make this crap up. You can, however, find a whole lot of it on Facebook in Lubbock.

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