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Earlier this week (October 5th), Ohana Steakhouse & Sushi (5217 82nd Street) announced that their dining room has reopened. And with the opening, their signature sushi offerings at the sushi bar are back:

Dear customers we open dine in now and also sushi bar is open now come to try the fresh sushi and hibachi see you soon !

I know you missed the live hibachi as well. Who doesn't want to catch a shrimp in their mouth? The onion volcano? A total classic. I always gasp a little with the big flames whoosh up. And how do they crack an egg with a spatula? It's free entertainment, along with your very fresh, made-to-order right in front of you meal.

In all seriousness, it's exciting to see these small businesses work their way back into normalcy. Truly, they represent the American dream. And the hibachi/sushi bar experience is one that will always scream 'It's my birthday!' to me. Even if it's not really my birthday, it just always delivers those super special occasion vibes. I do always have to have sushi bar at some point during my birthday week, and the fact I was unable to this year has cursed me. I'm not breaking any more traditions again.

Please, if you can, support these businesses as they come back to us. I'm sure the first couple of months are especially critical to their success, so if we can show them overwhelming love, we'll get to keep those magic birthday vibes.

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