Sometimes great stories have a way of falling in your lap, like this one.

My friend and former boss, Derik Lattig, shared a couple of very interesting pictures on Facebook of a pig.

I know what you're thinking. A pig? This sounds exciting.

But how about a picture of a pig going for a stroll to a nursing home?


Yes, this actually happened in Snyder.

According to Derik, this pig was just taking a little stroll around the neighborhood and decided to go visit some residents at the nursing home in Snyder. That is when some of the nurses saw their new porcine friend and decided to go say 'hi.'

The pig was thirsty and a little hungry, but otherwise in great shape. Unfortunately, he didn't get to visit any of the residents of the home.

No word on if this little piggy went Wee-Wee-Wee all the way home, but I'm sure it's doing OK today.

Thanks to Derik Lattig, who is an alum of FMX from the 1980s. Don't believe me? Check out these threads!

Credit Derik Latting/FMX
Credit: Derik Latting/FMX

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