If you haven't checked out Lubbock metal band Hemlock then you're a stupid. these guys are legit. And hairy. They're very hairy.

Plus they have been touring a crap ton, and even opened up for some huge killer bands. All of that aside they also just released their new CD called "Mouth Of The Swine". Every purchase will also benefit Pigs Without Metal. Its a small charity that brings metal music to pigs on farms who otherwise are forced to listen to country music all day. What a shame for pigs. Please help the poor pigs dammit!

Anyway grab their newest CD here. And get ready for their release party at the Depot District Oyster Bar on September 21st.

Its all about the pigs!

Don't think these guys are worth your time? Then check out this recent video:

Nothings gonna stop us now! ;-)

Posted by Brian Smith on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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