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It is the job of Charles "DJ Sancho" Sanchez's defense to fight tooth and nail for him. It's how our justice system works.

According to Everything Lubbock, the defense is currently attempting to get a mistrial after some jurors were found to have used social media during the trial, "violating court orders to abstain from it to avoid the risk of bias, according to court documents."

As for me, I hope they get the mistrial- only so the state can retry the case and he can get a harsher sentence than 2 years.

We all make mistakes, and we all hurt other people. But very few of us use our position of power to create an environment that allows us to prey on children. Yes, children. One of the girls he allegedly inappropriately touched was under 14. That is a child. DJ Sancho is in his late 30s.

Lubbock County Detention Center
Lubbock County Detention Center


The arrest warrant for Sanchez contains witness statements that accused him of pressuring the under-14-year-old into consuming alcohol, getting into bed with her, touching her breasts, and encouraging her to take off her bra. He was also accused of touching a girl under the age of 17 inappropriately below the waist, over her clothing.


And here's the thing- men who lust after children don't wake up one day, feel sorry, and suddenly decide their preference is for adults. Not that I've ever seen, anyway.  A perversion indulged only grows stronger, longer tentacles into the soul. In other words, if you think he would have never gone further than touching, or younger that "under 14", well, are either naive or foolish. I feel it would be a pretty safe bet that he did those things, but this was the time he got caught.

I don't buy any excuse that he didn't know. I have never met anyone under 14 who looked over 18. And if you need to pressure anyone into drinking so you can touch them, you are being a predator, regardless of age.

It only took the jury less than an hour to decide his guilt. And only an hour to decide his punishment. That seems rather cut-and-dry to me.

And I don't care that he was "nice" or "helped his community".

Because these types love to hide behind a mask. I'm sure his friends think he's wonderful, as I am sure he was wonderful to them. That's how sociopaths work. I don't know if DJ Sancho is a sociopath, but I have my suspicions.

Parents shouldn't have to worry about their kids enjoying music, enjoying a get-together, enjoying life. But we certainly do. I tell my daughter every single time to never leave any drink, even water, alone for a second and that I will send her money immediately for a new one. She knows I will come to get her immediately if she needs me to. I hate being that paranoid and instilling paranoia into her. But I have to keep her safe from the DJ Sanchos of the world.

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