Employees of the Texas Department of Agriculture are now mandated to follow a dress code that is "consistent with their biological gender" according to a recent article published by NPR. An ACLU attorney claims that the new dress code imposed on employees violates federal law and discriminates against them based on their gender identity and sexual orientation.

To me, it's just plain silly, and a gross assertion of dominance and control. I'm not sure what a person's clothing choice actually has to do with agriculture or why someone's gender is anyone else's business in the first place.

Also, is there some kind of human rule book of what genders are supposed to wear? Yeah, no. Good grief. If my morning show partner decided he wanted to wear skirts to work, I wouldn't give a flying fudge.

It's honestly hilarious that anyone would even care that much about your outfit, or feel the need to control it. It's funny that someone's clothes or lifestyle could get under your skin so badly that you'd mandate a new dress code for it.

Think about it. It's weird...

I'm pretty sure it all comes from a place of fear and ignorance, and letting those feelings trickle down and affect your employees really shows how little you care about their personal happiness and how much you care about your own. I find that to be very sad, and a terrible business practice.

If nobody is getting hurt, whether you agree with the way they live or not, what does their clothing really matter? There's no need to ostracize or dehumanize someone in the workplace for the way they dress. Shouldn't dress codes primarily be about safety and brand recognition? This seems like a way to make things feel a whole lot less safe for the employees it will directly affect.

It's basically bullying, something that a lot of these folks experienced their entire lives. I can't imagine what it would feel like to never be able to escape the school-yard bullies that taunted you on the playground.

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