Lubbock gets a pretty good snow day every couple of years, and this year was the lucky, or unlucky one, depending on how you look at it.

Some of us love to romp around in the white frosty wonderland, while others, myself included, prefer to stick by the fire with some cocoa and a blanket.

We asked FMX fans to send in a photo of their snowy surroundings, and some of you are really great photographers. Here are our 20 favorite photos:

20 Pictures From Lubbock's First Snowstorm of 2021

The northern part of Lubbock received roughly three inches of snow on Sunday morning, and more than six inches in the Woodrow area. Out by the airport that evening, there was a whopping 7.6 inches reported, which was awesome for making snowmen and sledding. Driving, however? Nope.

Lubbock drivers are notoriously terrible on ice and this storm was no different. It's hard to understand how nobody has learned to slow down after the many vicious snowstorms we have faced past. Our city just isn't quite geared up for crazy winter weather and snowplows and salt trucks seem few and far between when we really need them.

The ice hasn't completely left us yet, so be sure to continue to use extra precaution out there on the road. Nothing is more important than your life, and speeding on wet, slippery spots is a great way to bite the dust in a hurry up.

Just a reminder to slow down a little bit and enjoy the view.

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20 Epic Lubbock Snowmen


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