Once again we have people from outside Lubbock stirring up trouble and walking away.

I'm not even going to talk about the event that was postponed, why it was happening, or what its goals were. The problem when you bring more than one idea to the table is that people want to argue all over the map.

My point for the second time is, how long are we going to let outsiders stir up crap in our hometown, then go home to sleep a safe distance away leaving us to deal with it?  I really want to know, why is it nobody in Lubbock gets mad about this stuff until somebody from outside tells them to be mad? If they didn't know the event was happening, it really didn't hurt them, did it? Also, this event which would have maybe raised a few hundred in dollar tips will now get thousands because the outside hate group helped publicize it.

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Not one of these outside antagonists is sharing the road with you or paying taxes in our community. They are releasing poison into our ecosystem and people are guzzling the hate because they're told to. Events like the one that was postponed (reportedly due to security concerns) happen about four times a week in Lubbock and no one has said boo until carpetbaggers came in to stir up nonsense. The people in Lubbock who are now upset should be embarrassed they had to import outrage.

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