Back in August when Woody and I made the trip to the Dallas area for the opening night of the Rock of Allegiance Tour featuring Papa Roach, Jacoby told us that they had already started work on writing some "Bad ass new stuff," and that he and the boys will take a break before heading back into the studio.Well it appears that short break is almost over! Jacoby Tweeted that he and the rest of the "Roaches" will be heading back into the studio to lay down the tracks for the new CD beginning on November 1! (for those of "you" that are counting down the days that is only 11 days away!)

This is great news for die hard Papa Roach fans and all other fans of rock and roll. One thing about these guys is they never let their fans down, they know how to rock, and there is never any way to tell what to expect from them, Rap, grunge, punk, ballads, and head banging hits.... these guys do it all, and it is always GOOD!

One of the coolest things about this band is that these guys are genuine! If you have ever watched any of the videos on the guys have made of themselves either backstage or of themselves in the studio and wondered if it was an act, I'm here to tell you they are REALLY like that, you REALLY NEVER KNOW what you will get from these guys but you can bet it will be good and it will be fun!