The internet seems to be divided as to whether or not these parents went too far with punishing their child for bullying. A TikTok video posted by user @usert0c8co0flo shows a child standing in public holding a big red sign that reads, "I AM A BULLY HONK IF YOU HATE BULLIES". The video has now been viewed by nearly 800k people, and there are quite a few opinions about this alternative form of punishment.

On one hand, you are certainly proving a point by forcing your child to humiliate themselves in public with a sign like that. But, it's also a bit cruel and perhaps bullying of the parents to do such a thing. I can't imagine the embarrassment the kid must have felt while random people drove by honking and yelling. He has probably learned his lesson, but was it overkill? Are they trying to stop their child from bullying?

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Some of the comments include:

"Tough, but fair" - Walt

"Publicly embarrassing your child isn't the way to fix the problem. His parents probably bully him at home so he goes and bullies someone weaker." - Devyn August Decker

"Shoutout to the parents for making sure he's safe." - Christina

"Discipline is okay. Public discipline is not going to teach them anything." - Yaneisha Hackett

"Oh yeah, traumatize them instead of getting to the roof of the bullying (likely the parents themselves). - Quinn Mari

"Better believe I wouldn't bully after this. Effective 10/10." - Jessica Warren

What do you think? Is that a good way to punish a child that was bullying someone in school? Comment below or on our Facebook page and let us know.

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