Parents of students at Laura Bush Middle School have spoken with a Dallas law firm to seek legal action against Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District in regard to their children being relentlessly bullied over their race.

The racism spans from being called "monkeys" and the n-word to cyberbullying via Instagram on an account called "LBMS_m0nkeys" that depicted videos and photos of Black students at the school.

Sadly, bullied Black students also reported other children at school using an app on their phone that makes a whipping noise when you shake it, as well as stalking and serious threats of violence by their peers.

The Instagram page has since been removed, but when we first covered this story in April 2022, the page was in full swing and absolutely vile.

Parents of students at Laura Bush Middle School do not believe the situation has been handled appropriately by those in charge and are now advancing toward more serious action against the school. LCISD has been given 14 days to respond to the Ellwanger Law about the allegations before attorneys "will take that to mean that Lubbock-Cooper ISD does not desire to work with us towards an amicable outcome."

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It's worth remembering that children soak up information from the people closest to them and were taught by someone they look up to that this sort of behavior is acceptable.

All around, this is a horrible situation -- both for those who're being bullied and for the children who were raised to think that bullying someone because of the color of their skin is OK.

Lubbock can do better than this. Please continue to educate your children on the devastating effects of bullying, and remind them that if something feels wrong, it probably is. Give them an open space to talk to you when they need you and take their complaints seriously and straight to the top if that's what they have to do to stop this BS in its tracks.

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