Patrick Mahomes is one of the most famous NFL football players and Texas Tech football alumni to date, breaking records throughout most of his career. The Kansas City Chief quarterback has also been getting some screen time off the field by endorsing different brands, including Coors Light, AdidasHelzberg Diamonds, and he was even featured on the box art of Madden 20.

In a viral ad that Mahomes shared to his Facebook page, he can be seen preparing to get in a small bath tub while speaking with the infamous second version of Jake from State Farm. (I still believe in the original Jake.)

Mahomes talks insurance and reveals that he’s a “bath bomb guy,” reaching into his bath robe and pulling out a never ending supply of bath bombs that he proceeds to drop into the tub. Seriously — how did he get that many bath bombs into that robe?

Mahomes is then approached by a guy with a mullet and saxophone ready to assist in setting the ambience of what he calls a “jazz bath” before Mahomes acts like he doesn't know who the guy is or what he’s talking about.

Now, I didn't know what a jazz bath was before this video and was interested to see if that was an actual thing, so I took to Google. Apparently, Google has no idea either. It showed me a town in England called Bath and all of its jazz band clubs, and a Canadian actress named Jazz Bath.

Jazz baths will now be a common pre-game ritual for Kansas City Chiefs fans and will be forever tied to Patrick Mahomes, along with bath bombs…even if they aren't a part of his real-life regimen.

This isn't the first time that Patrick Mahomes has met up with Jake from State Farm. He’s had previous encounters with the insurance representative selling shoes, working out, and even throwing axes.

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