Once a Red Raider, always a Red Raider.

Former Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes encapsulated that ideal Monday night after the men's basketball team fell short of their national title bid.

Mahomes tweeted his love for the team, saying they fought to the end.

Texas Tech fell 85-77 to Virginia after a back-and-forth game that saw the Red Raiders rally from two separate 10-point deficits in the second half to send the game into Overtime. But despite the team's best efforts, Virginia continually outpaced them in shooting, clinching them the National Title.

But through it all, Mahomes was along for the ride with Texas Tech -- often, literally.

He was in the crowd at the Final Four matchup and the Championship Game in Minneapolis, and was captured flexing as the Red Raiders punched their ticket to the big game. Sunday, video of Mahomes starting a 'Raider! Power!' chant inside a fancy restaurant surfaced.

Texas Tech is lucky to have an alumnus like Patrick Mahomes representing the school.

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