The first band I, Renee Raven, ever saw in concert (besides dad playing with his friends) was Mr. Big.

They opened for Rush on the Roll the Bones tour. I still have a very deep affection for their music, to the point that I make a dear friend of mine sing it to me at karaoke any time he happens to be in town (he's the only one I know that can handle the key changes).

Paul Gilbert, Mr. Big's signature shredder, is widely recognized as both a very talented and very fast guitar player. He's talent is not only limited to Mr. Big, but also several albums with Racer X and several solo albums as well. He's discography is simply massive.

You can witness for yourself his immense talent at Jake's Backroom on Sunday, June 21st. Tickets are available at Ralph's Records (3322 82nd St). Or you can try to win them right here on KFMX.

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