Think pollution isn't that big of a deal? Tell that to your willy.

Environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York reveals some frightening information in her new book Countdown that might make you think twice about your role in saving the environment.

Dr. Swan's book describes the drastic effect everyday items have on our bodies, reproductive organs included. From cleaning products to shampoo and hair care items, we're surrounded by chemicals, some of which can cause irreparable harm to our bodies.

Dr. Swan draws many correlations between the chemicals we use each day and some astounding new health statistics. Her book gives insight into why we have seen an increase in infertility among women and a decrease in sperm count among men in recent years. Oh, and the average penis size is decreasing.

No, size isn't everything, but most men aren't looking for a reduction.

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If you haven't given much thought to the products you use on your body every single day, perhaps it's time to give some thought about healthier alternatives. One of my favorite products is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. They have a chemical-free version of basically everything you need to clean your house, your body, and your clothes with.

None of us are perfect, and there is no way to stay away from all of the icky chemicals out there. They are all around us, all of the time, but don't panic. It's not too late to make a few changes to your norm. Take a look for those healthier alternatives next time you are at the grocery store, and gradually replace things in your home with safer products. Simple as that.

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