Lubbock artist, Kendra McCartney, will be debuting her collection of dreamy creatures on December 2nd, at Lubbock's First Friday Art Trail at 5 & J Gallery. If you are a fan of the art trail, this is definitely a stop you need to make.

Kendra is a Texas Tech graduate and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics. She gives the most precious and eloquent description of her new collection below:

"Once upon a wheel, there was a magical maker of mugs. She was feeling the weight of the world so heavy and dark. So in the darkness, she started spinning her wheel with clay, stardust, and moon water to create a world of magical storybook pottery. Experience the magical world of monsters that local ceramic artist Kendra McCartney has created this December at the First Friday Art Trail. Her premiere solo exhibition, “Once Upon a Wheel” opens December 2nd at the CASP 5 & J Gallery."


It's clear that McCartney works very hard to perfect these treasures, and they would make fantastic gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I always like to remind everyone to support local artists and businesses during the holidays, and this is certainly a great example of quality work that truly comes straight from the heart.

Please take the opportunity to shop local while you walk through exhibits next month, and let's help our art community continue to grow. Lubbock is lucky to have such a wonderful art scene. Kendra is just one of the many talented artists in our city that truly inspire us and make us proud to live here.

Do you love her style as much as I do? You can find really cool videos of Kendra creating some of her masterpieces on Tiktok! Follow her here.

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