Marc Bernier, the talk show host of the popular right-wing radio show The Marc Bernier Show, died from COVID-19 at the age of 65, not long after comparing the United States government to nazis for begging Americans to get vaccinated.

Many of us are completely fed up with our friends and family members creating unnecessary fear and panic over a vaccination that has saved thousands of lives. Some of us are even to the point of saying, 'well, it's their life...'

But it's just not that simple.

You're not just threatening your own life by remaining stubbornly and stupidly unvaccinated. You are threatening the lives of countless others who simply cannot be vaccinated due to severe and extreme reactions from past vaccines, an allergic reaction or a compromised immune system. You're threatening the lives of children under 12 that the vaccine is not yet available.

You're not simply 'taking care of yourself' or 'making your own choice' when you neglect to be vaccinated. There are real consequences for your actions and the impact they have on those around you.

Lubbock hospitals are filled with entire families on life support. Fathers and sons are down the hall from one another. This is a family affair, probably because we tend to listen to our mother and father for advice. Remember, this is your life, not theirs. Do not be bullied into thinking you are being forced by the government into something bad or harmful. It's the exact opposite.kzii

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Please, do the right thing for the rest of America. Be brave. Stand up to others. Be a patriot. Stop buying into the garbage and get yourself vaccinated so that we can move on with life. Families are being torn apart by the extreme paranoia perpetuated by right-wing media. It's crazy. It's gross. It needs to stop.

The media has a moral obligation to the public, and if you think someone pays me extra to tell you to get a shot, you are DEAD WRONG. I get the option to write about whatever topic suits me, every single day, and this one? This one is important. This is life and death. I lost a friend last week to the virus that didn't believe it was a problem and refused to be vaccinated.

If you hear something on the radio or read something online that sounds a bit far-fetched, chances are, it is. If you're getting your advice from someone other than a healthcare professional, please stop. Call a doctor that can clear up any misinformation you have been given.

Please, take others into consideration with "your choice," because their choice may not be to die, and you might help to prevent that by getting vaccinated.

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