President Obama has promised to bring home about 50,000 troops from Iraq. For this, I salute the Commander in Chief. I don't care if bringing them home is a genuine move or just election year politics, all that matters is that our boys are done in one of the middle east hell-holes. The question then is, what's next?  My suggestion after the break.

What do you do with 5oK or so troops that are "out of a job" or without a mission? Well, the economy is in such bad shape that cutting them loose would be a very bad idea. My idea is much simpler and much closer. It's time to help Mexico shore up security. Why all the drug related killings aren't labeled as "war atrocities" I don't know.

We either have to legalize drugs, or clean up the mess we helped make down below our border. It's time for the U.S. to put feet on the ground in Mexico. This is REAL violence that spills over our border everyday. This is REAL violence that affects the life of real Americans. These are also REAL criminals making our border look like swiss cheese. Best of all, Americans serving in Mexico could fly back home at a moments notice, and troop deployments could be much shorter due to the countries close proximity.

The U.S. has millions of Hispanic Americans who are having their friends and extended families murdered without even having the hope of having the criminals brought to justice. It's time to help and help heal Mexico.