It was barely a mention in the news last weekend, but another suicide bomber struck in Afghanistan.  You won't believe the target.

Last Saturday's target was a maternity ward. I believe the number killed was 33, and yes, most were women and babies. This is the "culture" of Afghanistan. Yes, most in that country will react in horror, but will also look at this as just another day. I think you can bomb a country into submission, but I don't know you can change a "culture." Ask yourself, if you knew your cousin was going to bomb a hospital, would you turn them in? In America the answer would be nearly 100% yes. I don't think the answer is anywhere near 100% in Afghanistan. I don't know why; it could be fear or it could just be a fact of life. For whatever reason, these types of events are not met with outrage that they should be.

So my headline "are the people in Afghanistan worth saving" is a bit harsh, but it's a valid question. I haven't seen any effort by the people to help themselves. Maybe those stories don't make the news, or maybe these people have just become numb to the horrors of war and terrorism. I don't have an answer to the "big question", but I think it needs to be asked.