I was in a restaurant the other day and it occurred to me that restaurants must love smartphones.  Everybody orders, then goes into their little worlds until the orders arrive. It probably gives the people a little more time before people start getting mad about waiting.


The problem with this thing is, that some people don't realize there is a time and place for everything.  A new survey just came out that parents that are enthralled with their phones are much harsher correcting their kids. Then there's the fact that your missing out of catching up with your friends because you're reading their status update instead of talking to them.

The thing people fail to realize is that NOTHING IMPORTANT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM.  Even if a friend dies, wouldn't you rather know AFTER your lunch?  If someone just launched a nuke, wouldn't you rather NOT know that you're about to be incinerated? So to be hanging on the phone in case  a friend sends out a crappy status update seems pointless.

I personally believe that smartphones are the single greatest bit of technology in this generation. With smartphones you have almost every bit of information in the entire world at your fingertips.  So as Spiderman's folks would tell you, "with great power comes great responsibility".   Your "responsibility" is to not be a dick about it.

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