Monday during The RockShow, one of our listeners sent a message asking what was up with the sign across the street from the Lubbock Regional Public Safety Memorial located on Quaker Ave. just inside of South Loop 289.

The sign reads: "Spread Legs Not Hate"

Spread Legs not hate sign in Lubbock, Texas
Kelly Plasker, 94.5 FMX

While we can appreciate the message on the sign, we became concerned that some sort of protest may have been occurring in the face of a memorial dedicated to those who protect and serve, and we won't have that. Not in our town!

I rushed out of the FMX studio in an attempt to find this curious sign so I could see for myself what the context of it's placement was, if it was professionally created, or if the artist left a hidden treasure somewhere nearby.

Upon further investigation, it appears that this homemade sign was left lying in the right of way, leaning on a tree, seemingly to send someone a message. But who? And why?

A person that seemed to work at the apartment complex where the sign was sitting arrived as I was on-site to see it for myself. When I asked if she knew what it was about, she indicated that she did not before dragging the sign away.

Unfortunately, we may never get to the bottom of who put the sign there and for what reason. But there will be much speculation -- and innuendo -- for us to imagine for ourselves what the intention of the secret sign maker may have been.

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