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This article is sponsored by Captiva.

Boy, quarantine has gotten my hair super long and wild. Now, you can easily see my natural color because these roots can be seen from outer space. And that's okay! We're all in the same boat.

My biggest hope is that in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, you're all taking care of yourself. Whether that's working out, reading nice books, or picking up a new craft, it's really important that you take care of yourself mentally and physically right now.


One way that I implement self-care is with CBD oil products from Captiva. They are local, affordable, and have free local shipping. The CBD is 100-percent organic, meaning there's no residual pesticides to ingest, and the ingredients and lab results are easy to find.

Captiva surprised me with a really fun mystery box to open. Thank you, Captiva!

To spread the love, we'll be running a giveaway for those of you who watched the video. Check it out below, and enter to win before midnight on May 31st, 2020.

Thank you again, Captiva!

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