I was about to include this video in another blog as a footnote, but after rewatching it, I think it deserves its own thing.

Colossus Of Rhodes published this video in September 2011 and it's worthy of note for a number of reasons. First off, we thought the cover was so great that we had the song in regular rotation (and it was actually the second one from the band we spun). We pushed this song hard to record companies, in fact, so hard that we damaged some relationships over it. We really did believe in these guys.

Let's talk about that video though. It was filmed in the very, very early days at Nightmare on 19th Street right after we moved to the back area. Many Nightmare actors were included in the production, wrangled by the late Shae Reed who passed away shortly after filming. I recognized a few other familiar faces who pitched in to the make the video happen, including Big Sean From SYBOT (and then A Darker Shade Of Grey).

Another cool piece of trivia, it was the drummer from Colossus Of Rhodes who created the RockShow logo, and played with us live as "The Vadges". The guys are performing on a slab behind the WInchester building that once upon a time was supposed to be a stage for an outdoor beer garden.

I'm still impressed with what these guys achieved with practically no budget, achieving a nice (but dark) storyline in the process.There are even a couple cool stunts (that guy getting hit with the hammer really took it for the team). 61,000 views say we were right about this band.

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