We are stoked to be a part of this show!

FMX is hooking you up for River City Rockfest. We've got a bunch of four packs to pass along so you guys can get a crew together and share the gas. As of right now the lineup is a mystery. Seriously, this is one of the few times that even we have no idea what they're going to announce on Monday. All we know is that we'll get some kind of bulletin to pass along to you sometime during the RockShow.

The lineup for this show last year was stellar (and huge),  Def Leppard headlined with Godsmack, the Offspring, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, The Pretty Reckless and about 15 others.  With a past like this, we're expecting an awesome future.

Make sure you check in with the RockShow and here at KFMX.com Monday, we'll have the lineup and freebies for you to enter for ready to go.

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