These are crazy times, and sometimes you don't know how to help, but giving blood is always a great answer.

FMX Rock Is In My Blood is this Monday through Saturday. Everyone who donates a life-saving pint will score an FMX "Rock Is In My Blood" t-shirt. We'll have tons of concert tickets to giveaway and there's one more great giveaway. Driver will be live Tuesday from 3-5 for "Pint For A Pint Night".

It is amazing to me that more people do not do this. It is such an easy way to make a large impact in your community. People with injuries, people with surgeries and even tiny newborns are among the people who you help. When you give blood, you are seriously saving and changing lives...and the life you change the most will be your own.   It's time for you to be a hero. Step up and rock it this Monday through Saturday.

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