I am absolutely fascinated by Lubbock's history with male "reviews". In case you were unaware, Lubbock made national news when a Chippedales performance was raided by police.

The raid came a-half hour into the first of three planned shows. Eight dancers were arrested along with the club's manager, the manager of the Chippendales and the show's promoter.

The most embarrassing part? This happened in the year of our Lord 2007! We looked prudish, ridiculous, and with completely the wrong priorities for our law enforcement. Imagine all the people who got away with robbing a car that night. There's probably something to be said about the psychology behind so many men fighting so diligently to keep Lubbock women from seeing a chiseled torso, but I'll leave that speculation to the experts.

Male Stripper
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Ladies, you can celebrate your freedom to feast your eyes with an upcoming event "Girls Night Out The Show" coming to Jake's Backroom (50th & Slide) - the very same venue those Chippendales dancers were arrested at. Honestly, you are attending to relive history and to peacefully affirm your rights...right? Well, we can claim that, anyway. Honestly, you don't need any excuse to enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette, Divorce, Dirty Thirty or your own Sheer Awesomeness, you don’t want to miss the most exciting ladies night out of the year!

"Girls Night Out The Show" is Friday, July 7th with doors at 7. Tickets start just under $20 and only 21 and up may enter. VIP packages, add ons and discounted group packages are available. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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