The South Plains Fair announced on their website that there will not be any live entertainment at the coliseum during the fair this year. Last year's lack of entertainment was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I imagine this year is a similar scenario.

It's likely for the best. Hanging out in a building packed full of other people can still spread COVID-19.

By the way, if you're someone who is still on the fence about getting your vaccination, I'm one of the many people who didn't get anything cool out of getting the shot. No superpowers. No tail. No computer chip that uploads my consciousness to Bill Gates' laptop. Pretty lame. It was no big deal. Just a little shot, and now I feel safer around my homies. Go getcha one!

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The South Plains Fair will still have loads of other fun things to do. Just because live music is a no-go doesn't mean you won't have a great time. There's nothing quite like fried cheese and a turkey leg before you get on a ride that goes upside down. I'll never forget the time my high school boyfriend puked pepperoni pizza directly into my lap while we were trapped in a metal box, swinging around in the sky.

Ah, memories...

The petting zoo was also one of the many places I discovered that I was allergic to yet another animal. I loved petting all of the little lambs and pigs, but the memories still give me hives. That won't stop me from trying again this year.

The South Plains Fair will be open September 24th through October 2nd, 2021. You can find more information on attractions at this year's fair on their website. Save me a corndog and I'll see ya there.

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