It's no shock to Lubbock residents that Santa will be casually forgetting LP&L when he rides through town this weekend. Word is, he won't even be supplying them with coal, the item typically allotted for those on the naughty list. He knows better than to waste a single second of his time on the company responsible for ruining Christmas across the hub with outrageous bills and disconnect notices.

"No, I won't be stopping there at all," Santa told FMX, "Those dudes totally suck."

If you're cursing them this holiday season, you aren't alone. I've seen numerous Facebook shout-outs to LP&L for grinching up Christmas over the past couple of days. I personally paid $250 toward my $407 balance. At this point, I've given up on ever catching it up completely. I don't think I've had a zero balance with LP&L since I was 17 years old, living under my parent's roof. Those were the days...

On that note, who's excited to be able to make the switch to a new power company soon? I'm heading over to Reliant ASAP. I hope they are getting prepared for the flood of new customers that will be running toward them with open arms. Our expectations have been set so low from using LP&L since the dawn of time that I think we will all be breathing a collective sigh of relief to just finally have some damn options.

If you had a tough time buying presents this year for your kids because of those costly power bills, consider switching over to Reliant next year. I think it's really going to be a game-changer.

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