First off, yes that is Chester Bennington of Linkin Park attempting to escape one of Jigsaw's traps.  Secondly you can call it Saw VII, Saw 7, Saw 3d or the final Saw.  Regardless I'm calling this one a win.  In my Nightmare scale which I'll reveal a full page of reviews later, I'm giving it four out of five nightmares.  More deets and a preview video after the jump.Any ways, as far as continuing the story of the Jigsaw legacy it's a very good if not great wrap up.  As far as the traps and the tension of the film it's about as good and grisly as it gets.  There's a huge body count in this one, including one "dream" death.  I was still suffering some of the effects of the flu and this one allowed me to totally escape my misery for 90 minutes.  Also, if you're not the biggest SAW fan there's enough flashback stuff in this one that you could probably enjoy it as a stand alone.

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