I think it's pretty cool that Bush decided to record a live d.v.d. in Texas.  The guys laid it down in August of last year at Stubb's in Austin.  I've got more details after the jump.


I really don't think attendees to the FMX Purple Party know how badass our main stage headliner is.  Bush is an amazing act.  I saw them in Fairpark Coliseum once and the sweat of the crowd combined with the outdoor weather conditions resulted in the formation of actual indoor clouds.  These guys do more than play hit songs that you've heard a million times of the radio, they perform in a way that sucks you into the performance. This past year they band came back stronger than ever with a huge record.  Don't miss this opportunity to see living legends on stage at the FMX Purple Party.

Now, if you'd like to see them before you see them, pick up the new "Live @ Stubbs" when becomes available this Monday.

You can preorder the disc here!

Here's a little trailer of the project, including an interview from the day of the show.