Later on this week, we'll see some of the best basketball we may ever see, with all kinds of surprise teams eager to shock the world; but who's playing who and which team should look out for? Find out here.


First things first, if you want to watch the best basketball, tune in to any game in the Midwest region. Wichita State, Duke, Louisville, Kentucky, Michigan, UMass, and all other kinds of talent will be featured in Indianapolis, but of course, the buck doesn't stop there.

The Midwest region is easily the best, but there are some very intriguing matchups elsewhere. One of the first games that sticks out to me is Oklahoma State and Gonzaga; can Oklahoma State take the late-season momentum and make a run? The Bulldogs are a quality team and may not let that happen. That game takes place on the 21st in San Diego. Baylor and Nebraska is another juicy matchup down in San Antonio, while Colorado and Pittsburgh and UNC against Providence should be other good ones.

But where does the hardwood havoc begin?

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

I say it begins in San Diego when my very own alma mater Stephen F. Austin takes down a good VCU team. SFA went undefeated in Southland conference play, and capped off the season with a Southland championship over in-state rival Sam Houston State.

Other upsets I could easily see happening? A hungry Dayton team knocking off another in-state rival Ohio State, Manhattan downing Louisville, Arizona State stripping Texas of Sweet Sixteen dreams, and maybe even Xavier or NC State shocking a seemingly overrated Villanova team, borrowing they get past a tricky Milwaukee squad.

But who takes the cake and cuts the nets? Honestly, I don't think anyone can stop Wichita State, not even Florida. In fact I think that might just be the championship game.

We'll see what happens. Happy March and rock on, ladies and gents.