"Silent Hills" is not the only game in the popular franchise to get the ax. Back in 2006, a title called "Broken Covenant" was unsuccessfully pitched to Japanese publisher Konami as the next installment in the series.

A video showcasing one level from the pitch for "Silent Hill: Broken Covenant" includes many series staples: grotesque monsters, an unnerving setting and strange puzzles. The game would have been exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

According to Siliconera, "Silent Hill: Broken Covenant" would have players controlling Father Hector Santos, a priest from El Paso, Texas, with the ability to conduct sacred rites which would purify areas of the game.

In the "Silent Hill" universe, there's an "otherworld" that transforms the real world into a ghastly and dangerous mirror image. While the degree Father Santos' abilities would factor into the gameplay or story is unclear, it's a safe guess that his holy talents would be used to beat back the demonic transformations and creatures.

The video describes a story that would have Father Santos, joined by his niece Anna, on a journey to stop Anna's brother John from bringing about the end of the world. The story would have unfolded in the distinctly un-Silent Hill setting of a small town in Arizona.

You can see footage from the lost "Silent Hill" game below.