Tasha Epenschield recently saved an axolotl from a bad situation but needed much more help than she realized. The axolotl was not in great shape after living in untreated water. She contacted the small new aquatic pet store, Fins & Things, in Lubbock, Texas for help. They went above and beyond for the axolotl.

If you aren't familiar with this adorable salamander species, just imagine a real-life Pokemon. They are so dang cute! Here's a cute stock photo of one that I found that you might enjoy. They come in a wide variety of colors.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash
Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Aren't they adorable?

Tasha's, however, was not in good shape. Check out what it looked like when it came home with her:

Tasha Epenschield
Tasha Epenschield

Tasha told FMX about her experience with the pet store:

"I have never met any pet store that would offer to take care of my animal, completely for free, just to make sure they have the best home possible. This girl I know had these axolotls. Their gills were tiny and had no fluff. The one I got, she was keeping in a 10-gallon tank, in tap water, with no conditioner or anything. So, I've researched axolotls for years and I know what you need and offered to take her but because she was in such bad shape, I couldn't just toss her into a tank and hope for the best. They offered to hold her and that's the coolest thing. And they're not charging me anything to keep her. She's with other models and she's doing so much better. She's already gotten back to her normal color. I just think they deserve all the love and everybody who keeps fish in Lubbock needs to go to their fish store. I'm so glad I found them. It was legit the only fish store that was open on a Sunday. I called them 30 minutes before they closed and they stayed open for me!!!"

Look how much different it looks now, after getting the proper water and treatment! It was actually supposed to be gray and black!

Tasha is so grateful to Fins & Things for their help with this little cutie. If you're looking for help with your aquatic life, she highly recommends giving them a shout!

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