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Did you ever buy an album that you had to later work to hide from your parental units?

We thought it would be a fun experiment to better get to know our audience and RoadCrew by using this topic as a RockShow Smokin' Poll.

For myself, it was a very interesting and anxiety-filled day when my best friend in middle school and I went to purchase the single by Sir Mix-a-Lot, 'Baby Got Back'.

We knew our parents didn't want us listening to the song, we understood why, but when all of your friends (clearly exaggerated) know the spoken words and all of the lyrics to the song, there is no way on earth we were going to miss out.

"Oh, My God Becky. Look at her butt!" (and every word on the single after), will unfortunately forever be ingrained into my mind and likely the psyche of our country thanks to that single. Side not: Sorry Ivy, Mom and Dad know now...

What album or record did you feel you had to hide from your parents? Listen to what The RockShow RoadCrew had to say:

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