I'm horrified that I forgot about this great local brand.

Have you ever had something right in front of you, but no matter how hard you look for it, you can't find it? Last week I posted an article about great brands manufactured here in Lubbock. Included in the list were things like August Pies, Bahama Buck's and Johnny G's Salsa. While hunting down enough products to merit a post, I forget one that I experience on a real regular basis.


That brand is Smokin' X Seasonings. You're probably already familiar with the name, if not the product because John Reeves is a frequent guest on The RockShow. He's one of only a couple of people we let hang with us. Reeves usually shows up before the big barbeque kickoffs to stir everyone up.

Now, to the product. Smokin' X Seasonings have proven to be so popular that they pretty much carried the brand through the pandemic while no cookoffs were taking place. You can pick up Smokin' X Seasonings at the Outdoor Chef, Ace Hardware, Sutherlands or online at bbqspot.com and Amazon.

John Reeves with Smokin' X has taught the art of barbeque to tons of folks here and works closely with the always-delicious Raider Red Meats. It's interesting that you need to go to a third party to pick up the seasonings, but if you hit up his website, you can get a picture of his big ol' smoky mug on a t-shirt or a hat.

Things don't get more local than Smokin' X. I encourage you to shop this and the other great local brands mentioned. Think about it, you could roast a brisket with Smokin' X Seasonings, have some chips while you wait with Johnny G's salsa, cool off with a Bahama Buck's, then have an August Pie for dessert. That's the taste of Lubbock.

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