Prior to last night's episode of 'SNL,' many people were wondering just how much the notoriously macho Bruce Willis was going to be willing to engage in the sketch show's typical shenanigans. It turns out that the 'Die Hard' star was more than willing to get downright silly for the sake of a few laughs. Yes, the video above features Willis dancing and rapping like a fool and yes, it's everything you want it to be.

The pre-recorded video sheds light on the dark secret of what actually happens when women leave men alone in their home to do manly things like "watch sports." It turns out that typical masculine pastimes are just an excuse to get the ladies out of the way so everyone can participate in a "guys only" dance party, complete with flashing lights and fog machines and lots of, uh, sack-shaking.

The video definitely owes a debt or two to the work of Lonely Island, but it's a testament to the show's slightly green cast that those veterans aren't missed too much. Taran Killiam in particular feels like 'SNL's new go-to guy for multi-purpose silliness and it doesn't hurt when Bruce Willis is more than willing to lampoon his tough guy image. It may not be a mind-blowingly funny sketch, but it's proof that the show can still pull off this kind of gag with aplomb.

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