Between Maleficent and Cinderella, Disney has found a new way to print money by remaking their animated classics into live action films. And according to SNL, the upcoming Beauty and the Beast won’t be next. First, we’re getting the action-packed, Fast and Furious-inspired remake of Bambi that you never knew you wanted.

Guest host Dwayne Johnson stars in this fake trailer, somehow managing to keep a straight face as the new Bambi. Wearing silly ears and face paint, Johnson’s deadpan is admirable and his comfort when flying through the air firing two pistols at evil hunters is impressive. Even more impressive is Taran Killam’s Vin Diesel. Playing Diesel playing Thumper the rabbit, Killam’s recreation of that signature mumble is truly magnificent. Johnson may be the star attraction in this sketch, but Killam’s impersonation needs a whole extra sketch built around it.

The joke here is pretty one-note, taking the basic premise of Disney’s Bambi and converting it into an ultra-violent action movie. But the joke never wears out its welcome after only two minutes with the game cast (including Jay Pharoah’s delightful take on Tyrese Gibson) keeping everything alive. Plus, there’s a really great and incredibly dumb joke involving a deer crossing sign that you simply have to see.