I'll be honest, I've never had a Twisted Tea. I know it's a tea infused with some kind of alcohol but that's about it. After a viral video took over our Christmas break, we all want to get a sip of this canned drink while enjoying the great memes that have come of the incident.

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Over the Christmas holiday, like you, I started seeing these memes about Twisted Tea. I had no idea what had happened to cause this craze. It didn't take a long investigation to run across a video of a very intoxicated individual in an Ohio gas station getting struck with a can of the adult beverage.

I'm not going to post the video because it's of a very adult nature but basically a man, who is highly intoxicated and shouldn't be buying more alcohol, is at an Ohio gas station. He is incoherently babbling on about nothing. He turns to the gentleman in line behind him and proceeds to somewhat be friendly by asking where he's from. From there, it goes downhill very quickly.

The intoxicated man begins to talk negatively about where the other gentleman lives. The intoxicated man starts dropping some N words (which is the worst word in the English language. It needs to stop being used. Period.) The gentlemen in line asks the drunk man to stop. He doesn't.

The gentleman obviously feels threatened so he picks up his can of Twisted Tea he was hoping to purchase and enjoy later. You hear the intoxicated man ask "You gonna smack me with that? Smack with that?" (paraphrased, of course, leaving out some other language) The gentleman drops the Twisted Tea, the intoxicated man tries to kick it, the gentleman picks it up, after a few more words from the intoxicated man, the gentleman smacks the intoxicated man in the face with his can of Twisted Tea so hard, the can bursts open and leaves a large puddle on the floor.

A small scuffle ensues with the intoxicated man being put in his place. And with that, we are treated to some of the best memes since Tiger King. I have scoured the interwebs to find some of the best Twisted Tea memes and give them to you below. Enjoy and make sure you are properly protected for your next outing with a true can of whoop ass.

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