Okay, this is crazy, then it goes to next level crazy.

Cole Shooter, KFYO.com
Cole Shooter, KFYO.com

I'm going to do some rounding here to keep things friendly, so bear with me.

Lubbock City leaders voted to buy a building for around $370,000. That building is on the tax roles at worth about $120,000. The city wants to make it a parking area which will make it worth about $17,000. Let's do this in a math-y way. The city wants to pay three times what a building is worth, then change it until it's only worth 10 percent of what they should be paying for it. Crazy, right?

Here's where things get absolutely bugnutty. The seller? Former Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson. YEOW! Is all of this stinky to you yet? Now, let's take things further down the rabbit hole. The ex-mayor said the city had a chance to buy the building and voted against it, so he picked it up. Now, he claims the city is threatening him with eminent domain if they don't sell it to him. I don't blame the mayor either; I blame the lame-os who didn't have the foresight or balls to buy it when they could have done so on the cheap.

The city apparently wants the land for a parking lot next to the Citizen Tower, which the city is putting in $63 MILLION to renovate. So, seriously -- you're going to tell me that the city planned to spend $63 million and didn't think of the parking next door until now?

Something is totally and completely stinky about this, but if you're wondering why your property taxes are set to go up 5 percent and your LP&L bill keeps going up, it could be the poor planning along with the ridiculous checks the city is writing.

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