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Being in the middle of a worldwide pandemic has been particularly difficult for people who have lost loved ones, jobs, and financial security.

Not that it compares to any of the above mentioned losses, but another area in which coronavirus has created an unforeseen loss is in the entertainment sector.

Part of my responsibilities as a local media personality in radio is to create articles for which to share my opinion and information with our online audience.

Before coronavirus, I was challenged by this aspect of my job responsibilities simply because my brain works better as an analytical tool, not one that is creative in making something from nothing.

Since COVID-19 started to be reported across the country but not yet in Lubbock I have tried to be proactive in offering ideas and solutions to incorporate in order to stay ahead of the threat of an outbreak in Lubbock which I believed would be detrimental to our local economy, not to mention the health and well being of the most vulnerable within our population.

Instead of the suggestions I made, such as deploying drive-thru testing sites back in March, or wearing masks as shut down restrictions began to be lifted, being received with consideration from the city in which I live most readers chose to shrug off any mention of the virus as propaganda and fear-mongering.

Flash forward to today and not only have the suggestions I offered in advance of the loss of lives and businesses in our community been ignored until it was too late, but it seems many within our community still stand firm in the belief that the virus is a hoax.

So this is me writing a whole lot of nothing because trying to write something of substance about the city I love most only brings out the divisive nature people seem to be attracted to and frankly my heart can't take anymore.

Here's to nothing! Sometimes nothing is better than something.

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