If you were convinced Bad Omens was coming this February, you weren't alone. Wes and I were really surprised and started investigating immediately. While it's not unheard of for a band to release tour dates in Lubbock before we hear about it first, it is pretty unusual. We aren't extra cool, that's just how the business typically works.

Turns out, these "new" tour dates were off a poster from two years ago. Whomp. So the reason we are not getting Bad Omens in Lubbock is because... we already got them. Of course, the band has seen an explosion in popularity over the last two years.

This gives me a good excuse to bring back out my well-worn soapbox about taking a chance on bands you might not be that familiar with. 99% of bands spend time as nobodies, and find their audience through touring in smaller venues and smaller cities. If you're like me and you've taken a chance on show- you could have seen Disturbed and Slipknot in a Lubbock club. Those are just two I can think of off the top of my head. Oh yeah, Mastodon, too.

Photo by Luuk Wouters on Unsplash
Photo by Luuk Wouters on Unsplash

Unfortunately, this misinformation got spread at the same time we've been teasing a major concert announcement on Monday (11/27/2023). That show IS legit and I am bursting at the seems with this secret. So if you got all whipped up about Bad Omens, I'm sorry, but there is other awesomeness in Lubbock ahead.

Y'all rock and we love you. Just remember- take a chance on the little guys because sometimes they become great big guys. And then you'll have the coolest story to tell all your friends.

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