Who's just as cool as Superfly? That would be Soulfly, of course.

Yeah, I said it. Max Cavalera and Marc Rizzo of Soulfly stand toe-to-toe with Youngblood Priest and Curtis Mayfield any day in my book. Don't believe me? Then get your backside to Jake's Backroom on Monday, May 21 and see for yourself.

This band will pop a serious cap in your ass and you won't mind the pain at all.

Cool thing about this show is the fact that you'll get five bands for only $20.

You get Soulfly, Against Gravity, Fluid Frequency, The Worst Case Scenario, and
La Muerte Negra on Monday, May 21 inside Jake's Backroom.

Load up on tickets at Ralph's Records or online at jandbproductions.net.


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