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Finally, a study that says what many of us have been saying all along.

Unemployment is low, but people aren't making any money, according to a new study. Think about this another way: people really, really want to work, but are finding too many barriers to getting ahead.

How sad is that that there's no shortage of people ready to bust their rear for an employer, but not enough employers willing to step up for the people who excel?

I see this all the time at one big store I frequent, that has near 100 percent turnover monthly (if not more often) because the place is so patently awful to work at. This results in no one really ever becoming an expert in their department and an overall ambivalence towards the job itself.

Trust me when I tell you that it's a two-way street. It's not just that the employees know there is another minimum wage job around the corner; it's also the non-caring culture of the store. It just doesn't take a person much time to notice that no one has been around long enough to get their orange vests dirty.

It seems to me that investing in one great employee would pay off more than treating a bunch of employees like garbage and having to constantly retrain staff. Corporate America apparently knows something I don't.

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