I first came to Lubbock (actually Brownfield/Union) when I was 17.  I was absolutely FREAKED out that there was certain stuff you couldn't buy on Sundays.  You'd go to the grocery stores and entire isles would have blue tape over them so you couldn't enter.  This was the so-called Texas "blue laws".  The laws were put into place to preserve "a day of rest" so that employers couldn't make employees work on Sundays thus keeping them from church.  I can poke a million holes in this theory, starting with the fact that there are multiple times to go to church.  Anyways, there are many ridiculous remnants of this law laying around.  Here in Texas you still can't buy liquor on Sundays.  My immediate though is that many people of many faiths (and even non-faiths) make up this big beautiful state and who are we to tell them what they can or cannot do with what may be their only day off.

Now there is a measure coming up to repeal this last "blue law" in Texas and the greatest enemy may be indifference and or laziness from some of the smaller liquor stores themselves.  Most (wrongly) assume that their sales will just spread out from six to seven days.  They think it's just added costs to open one more day and that it hurts the smaller "mom and pop" type shops.  My thoughts are simple, if you want to own a business, you ought to be willing to do business when the customer wants.  If you aren't making money on Sundays you're free to close and we'll go elsewhere.  If you're Tuesdays are slow, close then too!  Just don't try to tell me when or where I can or can't do things.   We all live very busy lives.  Maybe I just want to buy some liquor for the following week while I'm out running errands, or maybe I want to get stinking drunk that very day, what business is it of anybody elses if I celebrate or even worship a different day than you.

Get the government out of our personal business.  Repeal the blue law.