The SWE West Texas Fury Fest that will be in Lubbock on Saturday, July 24th is going to be wildly entertaining. nZo, formerly known as Enzo Amore, and Ivan Warsaw are going to fight all over the Prima Vista Event Center in a falls count anywhere match. nZo called his matches with Warsaw a "blood fueled" rivalry that's will absolutely explode in Lubbock.

The headlining match will be CazXL, formerly known as Big Cass, will be in a Battle of the Big Men with Lance Archer the Murderhawk Monster who is currently popular on the massive AEW brand that airs on TNT.  CazXL told

West Texas Fury Fest will also have every single title in the company on the line. The OMG's will defend their Tag Team Titles, Mantell will defend his SWE Texas Heavyweight title and there will be three separate women's titles on the line in two different matches.

The match that can steal the show though features two veterans. The challenger Mil Muertes who is a revered luchador from Mexico and was prominently featured on Lucha Underground several years ago and the Champion Charlie Haas who is in two separate Hall of Fames and has won nearly 30 different titles in his career. Most notably as part of Team Angle and the World's Greatest Tag team with Shelton Benjamin in the WWE.

Haas has recently been joined by Max Castellanos and Rodney Mack to join the trio called Privilege. The group is looking to dominate not only SWE fury but every company. Haas, the SWE World Champion, told me that he wants to win more titles from other promotions. You can listen to his entire interview here.

Haas is also excited to bring his expertise to the SWE Kids Camp that will be in Lubbock on July 24th. Haas will teach the kids real wrestling moves and show them what it takes to be a professional wrestler. Haas told me that he's got two things that he tries to instill in the kids that come to his camps. The first is that consistency is the mark of a champion and that little things make a big difference.

The kids will also get to cut a promo and dress like a wrestler and make a brief appearance during the show later that night.

Haas and Muertes will be a great match on a card of great matches.

There will also be a massive meet and greet with the wrestlers on the card before the show. You don't want to miss this incredible day of wrestling right here in Lubbock, Texas.


SWE West Texas Fury Fest July 24th Lubbock, Texas

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