Every animal at the Lubbock Animal Shelter is the right pet for someone. But sweet and small Bam Bam seems to be the right pet for almost anyone.

Why Bam Bam has been at the shelter for 19 days is beyond me, because he's so ideal in so many ways.

As a chihuahua mix, he is the right size for folks who live with dog weight restrictions on their lease, like many apartments in Lubbock stipulate. Bam Bam is also a fantastic size for folks looking for a lap dog or a companion for kids that won't be able to knock them over easily, or a friend for their other small dogs.

At three years old, he's past the more obnoxious behaviors that can accompany a puppy. His temperament is sweet, happy and he plays well with other pups. He's already neutered and up to date on his shots, so this baby is completely ready for his new home, hopefully in time to spend Christmas with his new family.

Bam Bam is also just so stinkin' cute. The tricolor is adorable and that broad head/ small combo charms me every time. He's absolutely darling. I know he's someone's
soul dog.

Bam Bam is available for meet and greets at the Lubbock Animal Shelter and Adoption Center at 3323 SE Loop 289, or you can call the shelter at (806) 775-2057.

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