Taking The Walk Of Shame At A Concert [VIDEO/NSFW]
I am pretty sure that we have all been there at least once and seeing someone having to take the walk of shame at concert because they have had a little to much of Papa's cough medicine makes me giggle every time because I have been there.
In Most Cases, Servers Of Drunk Drivers Should Not Be Prosectued
I am sorry to those of you who have lost someone to drunk driving. It is probably one of the most unnecessary, sad and frustrating ways to lose someone, whether they were the ones that were drunk or whether they were hit by someone who was. I have no problem with drunk drivers being prosecuted, I do…
Here’s a New Drinking Game! [AUDIO]
I never really understood "drinking games." I need games to keep me from drinking. I just don't need the encouragement. The man in today's story is a lot like me.