I am pretty sure that we have all been there at least once and seeing someone having to take the walk of shame at concert because they have had a little to much of Papa's cough medicine makes me giggle every time because I have been there.

I feel like since I am going to share some of my stories I can poke at this concert go'er because I have been in those shoes.

If you remember when All That Remains And Trivium took the stage at Tequila Jungle 5 years ago, I can remember seeing Trivium take the stage and then nothing. I had way to much to drink way to quick and my night was done pretty early.

We also had Haste The Day and their farewell tour at The Backroom 3 years ago and that was a crazy night including a pretty good meltdown where I missed their set and I was pretty disappointed.

When you checkout the video we see someone that has had to much to soon and takes the infamous walk of shame.

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