Happy Easter Fools
You have also probably realized that Easter will fall on April 1st, or April Fools Day as some of you will probably call it this year.
Im Friggin’ Broke [VIDEO]
Believe it or not by this time next week we will all be on the down hill slide to Christmas. Once again this year many stores are planning to open later in the day on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) to get a jump on the Black Friday sales numbers.
The Ultimate Tips on Cleaning Up For Holiday Drop-Ins [AUDIO]
I don't mind seeing relatives every decade or two.  What I hate is holiday "drop-ins." I am not a "drop-in" kind of guy. I will hide behind the curtains and let you ring the friggin' bell. I don't care if you ran out of gas in my driveway, I'm not answering the door (and I have d…