I'm not sure what if anything became of this.

About a month ago a bill was posted on Reddit to allow fireworks to be sold for an extra day in Texas. I'm not really certain what the point of that is, but I'm going to have to give this one a hard pass.

Like almost everyone in America, I love fireworks. I love the sights, the sounds, the vibe, and even the danger of fireworks. I also believe that everything has a time and place.

I feel like we have to respect the "vets and pets" out there and limit the celebrations. It can be very hard for both veterans and housepets to deal with the current allowable days, so stretching that out just seems inconsiderate and selfish.


How about this? How about we have kids show up at your house the day after Halloween and ring your doorbell incessantly for tricks or treats?  I think you already see where I'm going here, once the holiday is over, it should pretty much be over.

I doubt the bill to continue fireworks sales into the 5th of July will get much traction, but it would hardly be the stupidest thing Texas lawmakers have done.

I would, in fact, like to see better enforcement of the fireworks ordinances that we currently have. But wait, before you get your red, white, and blue Speedos in a knot, I would combine that with legal "safe hours".  I'm all about 100% legal fireworks (and A LOT of them) from say noon to 10 p.m., but anything before that or after that picks up a really hefty fine.

I hope this July 5th sales bill dies.

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